Welcome to CED

The California Environmental Dialogue (CED) is an on-going, open dialogue among California business, environmental, and government leaders about critical current environmental policy issues and long-term environmental strategies. Using dialogue to develop innovative policy solutions, our mission is to meet the needs of a healthy environment and a sound economy while improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our environmental regulatory system.

Collaboration & Consensus Through Dialogue

CED engages its members in collaboration and consensus through the tool of dialogue, building trust and understanding among a broad base of interests. Dialogue is a different way for people to speak and to listen for common ground. Fundamentally, dialogue is based on the belief that our collective intelligence is greater than the sum of individual perspectives.

CED Plenary Members

CED members are committed to our process of on-going dialogue, and volunteer their time, expertise, and resources. Members represent leading businesses, non-governmental organizations, and state agencies looking to improve the quality of life for all Californians.

“I valued the opportunity to participate in the California Environmental Dialogue. Being able to listen, learn and share experiences and perspectives helped as we each translate our knowledge into actions. CED was a helpful vehicle for staying abreast of issues important to the State and I loved the spirit of respecting various points of view and wearing our human hats.”

                                                             -Laura Yoshii, Former Acting Regional Administrator, US EPA, Region IX

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