The mission of the California Environmental Dialogue (CED) is to engage California business, environmental, and government leaders collaboratively to produce timely and improved environmental protection while reducing costs to business, government and society. By engaging in a formal dialogue, CED builds relationships and trust, which allow its members to pursue public and private policies leading to enhanced environmental outcomes and economic efficiencies.

A Vision For All California

While part of our success has been in fostering solutions to current environmental problems, CED also takes a long-term perspective on the future of our state and the quality of life available to future generations. CED will never represent all, or even a majority, of voices in California, yet is proof that dialogue can lead to common ground, which in turn leads to collective solutions supported by a broad base of interests. Using the tools of dialogue, CED has published policy recommendations and papers on transportation, land use, habitat, water, and economic issues. CED encourages other organizations and individuals who care about California to engage in dialogue and to work together to paint a common vision.

We invite you to share in the lessons of our dialogue.