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Our Mission

Engage California business, corporate, environmental, and government leaders collaboratively to produce timely and improved environmental protection, while reducing costs to business, government, and society.

A Vision for all California

CED envisions a strong, vibrant way of life boiler text and high quality of life balanced with a healthy environment and sustainable communities bolier text. 

Originally inspired by the Aspen Institute, CED seeks to move California beyond traditional zero-sum politicking. The core of CED is collaboration, consensus, trust, and relationships. As a forum for candid dialogue—a structured way of talking and listening—CED builds relationships and trust to reach beyond a history of adversarial environmental regulation. Trust and consensus allow CED to speak credibly for improving private and public environmental policy with an unexpected collective voice.

In a diverse society, innovative and efficient environmental solutions require support from diverse interests. To develop innovations and broad support, we engage diverse interests in a rigorous dialogue—a process of listening for common ground. Dialogue does not hide conflict. It is listening and speaking in ways that encourage understanding, new thinking, and cooperation.

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