Clean Air Dialogue

About This Project

The Clean Air Dialogue (CAD) working group serves as a unique forum for frank and honest discussion about California’s air quality. The CAD looks at emerging air quality topics and keeps informed on the latest regulatory issues.

The working group has historically played an important role in developing policy briefings that have led to the creation of key programs in California’s air quality arena.

The CAD is made up of business members, environmental non-profit organizations, relevant state agencies, and key academic participants. Regular attendance from relevant state agencies, like the Air Resources Board, the California Energy Commission, and the Department of Food and Agriculture, enhance the group’s understanding of pending issues and provides an opportunity to interface with key stakeholders. Together, members look for areas where consensus exists and solutions can be put forward.

Project Details

Co-Chairs: Miles Heller, Marathon
Bill Magavern, Coalition for Clean Air

Meeting Frequency: Every other month

Meeting Location: Sacramento, CA

Project Issues
  • Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program
  • Regionalization of the Grid
  • Climate Investment Plan
  • CARB’s Truck and Bus Rule
  • Advance Clean Car
  • Sustainable Freight
  • Short Lived Climates Pollutants