About This Project
The Plenary is the main body of the California Environmental Dialogue and is where ground breaking dialogue occurs. Membership in the Plenary is a balance among business members, environmental non-profit organizations, representatives of government agencies, and other key members that provide depth and insight to the Plenary dialogue. The meetings are held in a variety of locations throughout California and allow participants to delve deeply into policy matters being discussed and foster camaraderie amongst the meeting participants.The goal of the Plenary is to consider policy issues facing California while considering economic, social and regulatory realities in a way rarely possible in day-to-day situations. This is done by bringing parties together from across the State, with different backgrounds and perspectives. Plenary meetings help to create improved understanding of the current and future problems facing California. And when there is broad support for a given policy or a specific recommendation emerges, the Plenary members may choose to develop a CED policy statement or publication.
Project Details

Meeting Frequency: Quarterly for two days

Meeting Location: Throughout California

Project Issues
  • Water
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Air Quality
  • Quality of Life
  • Energy and the role of renewables