Devin P. Richards, Coordinator

Devin P. Richards is the coordinator for the California Environmental Dialogue (CED). Prior to this role, Mr. Richards was with the California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance (CCEEB) for two years as a Senior Policy Analyst, focusing on developing and managing collaborative working relationships among multiple California environmental agencies and the Council’s members. Through these relationships, and his technical analysis of policy proposals, he has advanced numerous issues through a consensus-based approach. Prior to CCEEB, Mr. Richards was a manager at UC Berkeley, working to increase and retain highly qualified K-12 math and science teachers for the state of California. His responsibilities included managing a $1.5 million operating budget and overseeing general operations and program strategy and research on teacher preparation and retention for approximately 500 enrolled students annually. Mr. Richards holds a Master of Science from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor of Science with honors from UC Berkeley. He serves as a social policy judge for The Undergraduate Awards, an international awards program and on the Young Professional Board of SquashDrive, a youth development program and is a member of Air & Waste Management Association. Though before all this, he attended community college while working in his hometown of Watsonville, CA.

William J. Quinn, Senior Advisor

William J. Quinn is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance (CCEEB) – a nonprofit, nonpartisan coalition of business, labor, and public leaders and serves as a senior advisor to the staff of the California Environmental Dialogue (CED). Mr. Quinn has worked extensively in the regulated community in multiple capacities. Prior to joining CCEEB in 1995, Mr. Quinn held environmental management positions for over 15 years with energy and utility industries. He worked closely with key stakeholders in negotiating many of California’s principal environmental statutes. Mr. Quinn develops balanced solutions to regional air quality problems and works closely with district regulators and local communities. As President and CEO, Mr. Quinn represents CCEEB in numerous public forums.

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