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A Vision for All California

In 1995, California environmental and business leaders, inspired by the Aspen Institute launched the California Environmental Dialogue (CED). The founding members sought to use dialogue to move California beyond traditional win-lose outcomes of zero-sum politicking. CED believes that dialogue among business, environmental, and governmental leaders can develop timely and collaborative environmental policy solutions while reducing costs to all California’s.

For over two decades, CED has produced important policy briefs for public and private stakeholders regarding California’s future. CED provides an opportunity that is often lacking in the current California regulatory and political environments – a venue to openly discuss policy matters, not with a goal to solve the issue, but to simply share open lines of communication among the participants. These open lines of communication have led to policy papers and other statements that have directly helped solve pressing environmental and economic concerns issues effect us all. CED is a unique vehicle using a model of multi-sector collaborative dialogue to result in solutions to a broad range of contentious and complex public policy issues. CED acts as a conduit for the ideal of multi-sector collaboration and consensus-building.

The members of CED use dialogue to build shared understanding and trust for the creation of sound public policy. CED works to develop a channel of communication between stakeholders that help design an effective system for the protection of California’s environment that benefits all Californians.

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Working groups engage members in dialogue and develop trust and understanding


Members have to opportunity to network, dialogue, and address current and emerging policy issues


Dialogue provides the foundation for reports and other publications that advance CED’s mission

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