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Working Groups

Expertise & Issues

The California Environmental Dialogue (CED) is organized around working groups where members engage in dialogue on topics ranging from air quality to 21st century workforce education. Currently, CED manages two working groups, the Plenary and the Clean Air Dialogue. Each of these working groups focus on specific issue areas which help define areas of dialogue, and inform the groups as they consider positions that form the foundation of CED publications and other policy documents.

Working Groups


The Plenary working group meets four times per year for a day and half, and meets throughout California, with each meeting location being different depending on the topics for that meeting. The Plenary focuses on emerging issues facing California’s air, water, energy, quality of life, and sustainability.

Clean Air Dialogue

The Clean Air Dialogue working group meets six times a year in Sacramento in order to facilitate greater participation by key regulatory participants. The Clean Air Dialogue focuses on key air quality issues and stays up to date on current regulatory matters.

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